Custom Chassis on a 63' Chevy Truck

Few more things tomorrow and she’s ready to be welded. I have really enjoyed building this chassis. Maybe cause it’s been a while. Maybe it’s cause my first truck was a 63. Maybe just maybe this is what I love todo 😉 if I every recreate my 63 you better believe it will be similar to this. #60

Custom Chassis Fabrication By Devious Customs

Our team has the experience and know-how to build custom chassis’ for all sorts of custom cars and trucks. When you want the best ride possible give Devious Customs a call. Custom chassis fabrication is a specialty here as we like our rides to GO LOW! Lifted, Lowered, Bags or Coil overs . . we do it all.

We specialize in chassis design and fabrication. Mr Devious loves new projects and frame and suspension work is our passion. If you want your ride to be the best, give Mr Devious a call to see how we can make your dream a reality.

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