Devious Customs’ LS Swap Kit: Transforming a Classic into a Modern Marvel

Embark on an unforgettable journey with the Devious Customs’ LS Swap Kit, a game-changer for classic car enthusiasts looking to revitalize their rides. Josh Carpenter’s epic 6,000-mile cross-country adventure in his 1966 Cadillac Sedan Deville, known affectionately as the “Gold Digger,” showcases the transformative power of this innovative kit. This is not just about upgrading a vehicle—it’s about redefining the entire driving experience. Join us as we delve into how Josh turned his classic Cadillac into a modern marvel, thanks to the ingenuity and precision engineering of Devious Customs.

The Need for Speed and Style: Choosing the Right Upgrade

Josh, a seasoned enthusiast of classic cars and the president of Cadillac Kings Car Club, Monroe NC chapter, knew it was time to breathe new life into his beloved Cadillac. After extensive research, the choice was clear: the Devious Customs LS Swap Kit. This kit promised not only to enhance the engine’s performance but also to retain the classic aesthetic that Josh cherished. No cutting, no welding—just a straightforward installation that anyone could handle, even a self-proclaimed non-mechanic like Josh.

From Monroe, NC to Riverside, CA: A Journey Like No Other

The adventure began in Monroe, North Carolina. With the Cadillac fully equipped with the LS Swap Kit, Josh was both excited and curious about how the upgraded engine would handle the long haul. The journey would take him through 14 states, from the arid deserts of the Southwest to the lush landscapes of the Southeast, ending in Monroe, North Carolina.

A Road Less Traveled: The Installation Saga

“Installing the Devious Customs kit was a breeze,” Josh recalls. The kit came with comprehensive video instructions, which were invaluable. The swap was done over several afternoons, with a little help from friends. It was a bonding experience, transforming the “Gold Digger” into a modern beast ready for the long road.

Performance on the Open Road: The Cadillac That Could

On the highway, the Cadillac performed like a dream. It hit an impressive 22.8 mpg at its best, a stark contrast to its performance before the swap. Josh could now enjoy the ride without the constant worry of fuel stops or mechanical failures. The air ride system, integrated smoothly with the LS Swap Kit, ensured a comfortable and stylish ride.

Detour to Devious Customs: Meeting the Makers

After the annual picnic in Las Vegas, Josh made a special detour to the Devious Customs shop. It was a chance to meet Mr. Devious and the team behind the kit that had transformed his Cadillac. “Walking into the shop was like stepping into a craftsman’s paradise,” Josh describes. The walls lined with tools and photos of past projects, and the air filled with the sounds of metalwork and engines humming.

Jeff greeted Josh with a warm handshake, and they spent hours discussing various projects, sharing stories of road trips and restorations. Josh toured the facility, admiring the workmanship and the passion that went into every car in the garage. “Seeing the place where my LS Swap Kit was born was incredibly fulfilling,” he noted. This visit not only deepened his appreciation for the kit but also for the people and the craftsmanship behind it.

Challenges Along the Way: Trials on the Trail

It wasn’t all smooth roads; Josh encountered a few hitches. Bad gas in New Mexico led to a day spent replacing a fuel pressure regulator, and the speedometer needle broke mid-journey. However, these minor issues were no match for the reliability and performance of the Devious Customs LS Swap Kit.

In Josh’s Own Words: The LS Swap Kit Review

“The Devious Customs LS Swap Kit was awesome,” Josh enthuses. “For anyone wanting to give their Cadillac a serious power boost with an LS engine, this kit is the way to go. It’s easy, efficient, and damn reliable. I couldn’t have asked for a better setup for my cross-country adventure.”

The Road Continues

After 18 days cruising the U.S. in his Cadillac, Josh proved one thing: with the Devious Customs LS Swap Kit, the sky’s the limit. Whether you’re planning a major road trip or just want to show off around town, this kit delivers performance, reliability, and serious style.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Feeling pumped to start your own Cadillac upgrade? Check out our Cadillac LS Swap Kit and get your adventure rolling. What roads will you conquer?

Author: Lhea Alisha