1966-1969 Lincoln Continental LS Swap MASTER KIT

Are you looking for an easy and all-in-one LS Swap Master Kit to upgrade your 1966-1969 Lincoln Continental? Look no further! Our LS Swap Master Kit includes everything you need to take your classic car to the next level!

Our kit comes with a radiator, fuel tank, fuel pump, crossmember, motor and transmission mounts, cast manifolds, gaskets, oil pan, oil plug, dipstick, relocation kit, pickup tube and shift linkage. Helping to make the complex task of swapping an engine quick and easy so that you can get back on the road in no time!

At the heart of what makes this such an incredible upgrade are the reliable parts included in each bundle. Not only that but our team is made up of car guys who understand the importance of high quality parts when it comes to creating a smooth driving experience.

Whether you’re swapping out an old engine or simply looking for a more powerful option for your classic car, do yourself a favor and invest in the convenience and piece of mind provided by our LS Swap Master Kit. So grab one now before they’re all gone!