Customer OG Air Ride Kite Build

1961-1969 Lincoln Air Ride Kite

The boys over at killing good the game with our OG air ride kit. Thanks for the support and glad to have you a part of the #deviousarmy #gobedevious #deviousarmy #devious4life #livelifedevious #deviouscustoms #deviousfamily

The OG air ride kit was designed to make your Lincoln ride better than stock. This kit comes with a full set of upper and lower control arms built as tough as a class eight race truck. All bushings and bearings are tough to a stand the test of time. Will also allow it is stiffen up the car so you can feel the road. Our kit comes complete with airbags, airbag mounts, shocks, shock mounts for link with crossmember for a 95% bolt in. The only welding on this kit is the axle brackets. This kid is design so you don’t have to cut up your car and still be low.

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Custom Laser Cut Parts

Laser cutting now available.

We now are accepting laser cutting for your projects. If you need parts cut drop us a message. Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel 5×10 table. Let us handle your laser needs.

Who’s ready for some fresh laser cut parts? Hit me up. This thing is bad ass. Cut quality amazing. Gotta hand it to @stealth_laser just burned out a 4×4 in under 30 min and the first part is as good as the last part and no slag. Who needs some parts cut???? #gobedevious #deviousarmy #devious4life #livelifedevious #deviouscustoms #deviousfamily

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