1963-1964 Cadillac LS Swap Kit Bundle


Introducing the brand new LS Swap Kit Bundle from Devious! Now you can easily upgrade to an LS motor in your classic 1963-1964 Cadillac, without any cutting or drilling. This bundle includes everything you need to make the swap a breeze – a cross member, motor and transmission mounts, oil pan, pickup tube, shift linkage, cast manifolds and gaskets. Plus there’s bonus engraved engine mounting plates as well. Get in like no other with the most advanced LS Swap Kit out there! Car guys won’t believe their eyes. Take your Caddy to new heights with Devious’ LS Swap Kit Bundle!


Devious made putting an LS Motor into your classic Cadillac easy with mounts that bolt in directly. No cutting and some drilling is required. 1963-1964.

Bundle Includes.

    • Crossmember
      • Motor and Transmission Mounts
      • Engraved Engine Mounting Plates L/R
    • Cast Manifolds
      • Gaskets
    • Oil Pan – Six (6) Quarts
      • Relocation Kit
      • Pickup Tube
    • Shift Linkage

List Price: $2,179.99

Cash Price: $2109.99

Additional information

Weight 80 lbs


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