Whipple Supercharger for a Devious Lincoln

Big day today for this Lincoln. @whipplesuperchargers on a Gen 3 5.0 coyote. Should help her get down the road a little faster. #gobedevious #deviousarmy #devious4life #livelifedevious #deviouscustoms #deviousfamily @ Devious Customs

Classic Lincoln Whipple Supercharger Installation

What can we say…”Whipple Superchargers!” This is how to really go BEAST mode in a classic Lincoln. We install Whipple Superchargers in all types of classic cars and trucks. In this build, we are strapping the Whipple Supercharger onto a 3rd Generation Coyote engine.

We Sell Whipple Superchargers! Call for Details.

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