Cadillac LS Swap Kit Bundle | 1965-1966


We have made the Cadillac LS Swap Kit process incredibly convenient for our valued customers. You can easily install it at home over the weekend. Enhance your classic Cadillac models from 1965 or 1966 by opting for an LS motor swap utilizing our comprehensive bundle kit. We have put together all the necessary components into a single package that is ready to be shipped. Our kits are proudly crafted in-house, featuring genuine American-made parts.

The bundle includes: Crossmember, Motor Mounts and Spacers, Transmission Mount and spacer, Motor Mounting Plate, Frame Mounting Bracket, Manifolds, Gaskets, Oil Pan, Oil Plug, Dip Stick, Pick-up Tube, Oil Filter Relocate Kit, Shift Linkage.

Upgrade your Cadillac with our Cadillac LS Swap Kit bundle and experience top-notch performance and quality.


We made the Cadillac LS Swap easy for you to install at home on a weekend.

Level up your classic Cadillac 1965 or 1966 with an LS motor swap using our complete bundle kit. We put everything you need together in one package, ready to ship. Our kits are All American-made in-house here in Riverside, CA.

  1. Crossmember
    1. -Motor Mounts and Spacers
    2. -Transmission Mount and spacer
    3. -Motor Mounting Plate
    4. -Frame Mounting Bracket
    5. -Hardware
  2. Manifolds
    1. -Gaskets
    2. -Hardware
  3. Oil Pan – Six (6) Quarts
    1. -Oil Plug
    2. -Dip Stick
    3. -Pick-up Tube
  4. Oil Filter Relocate Kit
  5. Shift Linkage

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