9” Ford Housing



The Ford 9 Housing with 3 Axle Tubes is a great choice for those looking for a reliable, high-performance rear end for their vehicle. This housing comes complete with a limitedslip differential and 31 spline axles, providing the strength and durability you need for your vehicle. For added convenience, the Devious brackets can be welded onto the housing with all necessary brackets and tabs for the Devious Link setup, including shock mounts. To finish off the look, the housing can also be powder coated in black for a sleek and stylish finish. With its unbeatable strength and durability, the Ford 9 Housing with 3 Axle Tubes is an ideal choice for your vehicle.

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Stock width

Narrowed 1.5 per side


Note: No Brakes Unless the Upgrade

Cash Price: $2,500

List Price: $


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Additional information

Weight 200 lbs


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