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Lincoln High Output Alternators

Now available is a direct fit, High Output Alternator using the latest in technology for those doing Electrical upgrades to their vehicles. OEM Alternators are 60-80 amps at 2500 rpm using the standard Double V belt system. “Devious” High Output Alternators are available up to 240 amps.

Key features :

  • Voltage Regulators (Internally Regulated)
  • All of our Internally regulated Alternators are supplied with Brand New Voltage regulators that meet or exceed OEM specifications. Voltage Set Points are set to OEM unless otherwise noted.
  • Dual Bridge Heavy Duty Rectifiers
  • All Denso Style Hairpin Alternators are supplied with Heavy Duty Avalanche diode rectifiers for maximum durability.
  • ALL our 128mm alternators are supplied with 12-50amp Avalanche Diodes
  • ALL our 138mm alternators are supplied with 12-80amp Avalanche Diodes
  • Bearings
  • All our Alternators come standard with OEM, High Temperature Bearings for long life
  • Amperage Ratings

We offer Multiple Amperage options depending on your power needs All units are rated at max output at 2500 car RPM (due to pulley size):

180 Amp

240 Amp

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 8 in

180, 240


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