Holley’s Mid-Mount Complete Accessory System



Holley Mid-Mount Complete Accessory System

Optimize your engine bay with Holley’s Mid-Mount complete accessory system, designed for unparalleled performance and a clean, integrated look. This advanced system pulls all accessories tighter than any other drive system, making your engine’s horsepower the star.

Key Features:

  • Bracketless Design: Accessories mount directly to the water pump, eliminating brackets for a sleek, compact appearance.
  • Innovative Alternator: Features 6-phase technology from the C7 Corvette for superior performance.
  • Efficient Water Pump: Designed with C7 Corvette efficiencies for reliable, high-performance cooling.
  • Compact Components: Includes an SD7 A/C compressor and a Type II power steering pump with a baffled reservoir.
  • Complete Kit: Comes with everything you need, including the water pump, A/C compressor, alternator, P/S pump with reservoir, crank damper, pulleys, and belt. Also includes heater hose adapters, power steering to -6 AN hardline, and alternator plug/harness.
  • Easy Installation: Ultra-easy assembly with detailed, color graphical instructions.


  • Fits all wet sump LS engines (except supercharged) and dry sump LS engines converted to wet sump.
  • Works with all common aftermarket and factory throttle bodies and intakes.
  • Compatible with VVT applications and Hooker turbo manifolds.

Additional Features:

  • Swap-Friendly: Bottom heater outlets provide clearance in tight spaces.
  • OE Pulley Ratios: Ensures optimal accessory performance without the need for adapters or spacers.
  • Flexible Hose Routing: Shortened top outlet nipple allows for more radiator hose turns and routing room.

Available in a sleek black finish to enhance your engine bay aesthetics.

Upgrade your LS engine with Holley’s Mid-Mount complete accessory system for a streamlined, high-performance, and visually appealing engine bay.

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Weight 100 lbs


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