Restomod Haymaker- S Custom AC Kit



The Full Size Climate Control System with A/C & Heat with Infinite Blend between Dash, Defrost, and Floor. The Haymaker II A/C system is designed for a flat firewall installation and is the top of the line, the most stylish, most powerful, and toughest aftermarket A/C Kit.


The Haymaker, our flagship Heat- Cool A/C system and our largest system. Made specifically for full-size vehicles with large interiors. It’s a lot more than just a cooling and heating solution, it’s a technical marvel and the best performing system you can get anywhere. We took all our best ideas and innovations and put them into one, complete system. Many of these innovations are patented exclusive features only available from us. If we had competition which we don’t, they’d be down and out for the count?

We added new mounting features to make the installation of this custom A/C system even easier to mount into your vehicle. We have perfected our multi-mount system, which allows you to keep a perfectly smoothed firewall with no unsightly bolt heads. Fabricating brackets is not needed with our multi-mount system. Simply use the included template, mark firewall, and weld studs or drill and use the included stainless Hex head bolts
It’s all in our innovation in a case that measures 24 inches long, 8.75 inches deep, and only 10.inches tall. This guy features separate Dash, Defrost, and Floor modes with infinite blending between all positions.
ALL our systems are engineered with large, separate A/C and heat coils (just like OEM systems). Some of our competitors market small street rod type units that contain only one coil or know as a common block coil. The overall size of the coil is compromised by circuiting heater tubes and A/C tubes into one coil, therefore creating less surface area to cool the air as it passes through the coil for less cooling capacity. Remember, smaller is never better when it comes to coil/case size! Size matters.
Because of our excellent reputation for uncompromised quality, component selection and attention to detail is evident in all aspects of our product line! Every component was chosen on its superior design and quality rather than a low cost.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 22 × 17 in


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